The workshops are divided into 2 types:


SAHARA workshops with Randa Kamel, Tito Seif, Mohamed Kazafy and Prince Kayammer.

NILE workshops with Khaled Badawy, Warda, Kristina Derkach, Elena Iskanderova and Nadia Stoykova.

We offer you 3 types of packages: 

  1. FULL PACKAGE: includes all workshops (total 28 hours)
  2. MEDIUM PACKAGE: maximum 10 hours SAHARA + maximum 6 hours NILE
  3. SMALL PACKAGE: maximum 5 hours SAHARA + maximum 3 hours NILE 


/The amounts can be paid in two parts of 50%/ 

  • Before 31st August
  • Full Package: 230 €
  • Medium Package: 190 
  • Small Package: 130 

  • After 31st August:
  • Full Package: 270 
  • Medium Package: 220
  • Small Package: 170

* We make a discount for group of 5 persons

IMPORTANT: The amounts transferred shall not be returned.

If you want to sign up you should contact us by email