The workshops are divided into 2 types:


SAHARA workshops with Khaled Mahmoud, Mercedes Nieto, Osama Mimi Farag and Prince Kayammer.

NILE workshops with Warda, Kristina Derkach, Aruena and Boriana Dimitrova.

We offer you 3 types of packages: 

  1. FULL PACKAGE: includes all workshops (total 21.5 hours)
  2. MEDIUM PACKAGE: maximum 4 workshops SAHARA + maximum 3 workshops NILE
  3. SMALL PACKAGE: maximum 2 workshops SAHARA + maximum 2 workshops NILE 


/The amounts can be paid in two parts of 50%/ 

  • Before 31st August
  • Full Package: 230 €
  • Medium Package: 190 
  • Small Package: 130 

  • After 31st August:
  • Full Package: 270 
  • Medium Package: 220
  • Small Package: 170

* Аll you want to ask is a free discussion with the teachers of the festival. You can ask your questions, connected with the dances, costumes, styles and anything you want to know. The time of the discussion is limited, so we please all the participants to prepare their questions in advance.

* We make a discount for group of 5 persons

IMPORTANT: The amounts transferred shall not be returned.

If you want to sign up you should contact us by email