Khaled Mahmoud started dancing in Cairo many years ago when he was just seven years old at parties and weddings, his father thought he was very artistic so he sent him to study Ballet for six years.

He went on to College to study accounts, so no time for dancing. When he finished College and working in a factory, he danced with a group for four years dancing Egyptian style. It was during this time he took Belly Dancing lessons with Abrahim Akef and many master teachers in Cairo, then Khaled became a Belly Dancing teacher himself for six years at the Maade Club and also worked on M/S Alexander the Great Cruise Boat in the evenings.

He likes the style of the old Belly Dancers Naima Akif, Tahia Carioca, Samia Gamal and all new style dancers.

Since arriving in England in 2001 he has held workshops and performed in shows all over the UK and in 2002 launched his International career at the Belly Dance Festival in Sweden. He now travels the world teaching and performing.



Mercedes Nieto was born in the heart of Europe, Budapest, to a hungarian-spanish family. She is dancing and deepening her knowledge of the oriental dance since 1997. She was as well studying flamenco, afro dance and jazz ballet. Up to these days she still involves herself in improving and developing her classical ballet and contemporary dance knowledge. Merging these with the traditional and contemporary Egyptian dance forms – learning and performing in Egypt continuosly – Mercedes created her own style, which is dynamic and floating, delicate and sensual, mysterious, still sincere and natural.

She won several prices on different professional belly dance competitions: National Hungarian Raks Sharqi Contest: People’s Choice Award 2003, 1st place in professional solo cathegory 2004, 1st place group category with Art of Orient group 2004, two times 1st place with her troup: the Nymph Oriental Dance Company, 3 times the best choreographer’s prize. She won audience choice award of the MEDINA competition in USA, 2004; she won prizes as solo dancer and her troop gained the 1st place in group dance category in Egypt (Cairo, Nile Group Festivals and previously at Ahlan Wa Sahlan Festivals as well). Mercedes is choreographing dance-theatrical performances, is a leading teacher and star guest of several festivals all over in Hungary, Europe and the World. She has her own dance school for over 15 years.

Already during her fist visit to Cairo she was invited for dance auditions, after she appeared in Semiramis Intercontinental Hotel, on the Nile Pharaoh Cruising Restaurant, and later on the cruising restaurant Nile Maxim.

Meantime her name is becoming more and more known: she was teaching and dancing in Workshops and performances abroad: Egypt, USA, Japan, Malaysia, Korea, Hong Kong, Qatar, Dubai, Mexico, Argentina, Guatemala, China, Cuba, Morocco, Spain, England, Italy, Ireland, France, Germany, Greece, Sweden, Austria, Estonia, Lithuania, Czech Republic, Latvia, Slovakia, Serbia, Slovenia, Romania, Poland, Ukraine, Ecuador, Kazakhstan, Guadeloupe, Vietnam, Taiwan, etc. She is a guest performer on the Nile Group Festival’s Opening and Closing Gala Shows in Cairo with a live music show with orchestra since June 2010, and now she is one of the first European regular masterteachers of this World famous festival. Mercedes is the founder and choreographer of the well known international oriental dance troup: The Nymph Oriental Dance Company, having international tours around the world and performing in festivals and dance theatre events as well with them, as well as performing on significant Middle-Eastern events such as weddings of the royal family of Qatar and a famous haute couture TV show in Morocco. Mercedes is also the main organizer of the CAIRO! Festival Budapest, a yearly organized growing oriental dance festival in Budapest, Hungary, which is now the biggest festival in Central-Europe and beyond, it’s unique in the country and for the international audience as well because of its special atmosphere.

The choreographies of Mercedes are professionally a real challenge for her students, as she does not keep anything for herself, she loves to share and she is guided by a whole transmission independent on whether it is about her own modern ideas or traditional styles. She believes oriental dance is not only the finest way to connect a woman with her inner self, connect traditions and innovations, through what one can experience the whole mistery of life and feminity, but oriental dance also deserves a better place among other professional stage art forms. So technically her requirements are quite high, the emphasis are on presenting the variegation of the bellydance through the personal message of the dancer. As she believes there is no dance without real emotions – especially no oriental dance.


Osama Mimi Farag has the pure Egyptian tradition in his veins.
He is Professional Dance Instructor of Egyptian folklore and Oriental dance styles. He started from very young age to dance, because of the Artistic family roots he has and after decides to turn this natural talent to his profession. 
He start first to study the folklore styles with the famous Mahmoud Reda in his “Reda troupe” for about 4 years. And after that he decides to change and moved to “Qawmeya troupe”, where he found the 2 most famous and different styles of folklore in Egypt. During this period he became a professional dancer and starts his own career with performances at many places in Egypt, and especially at the tourist places like Sharm Elshikh, Hurgada, Taba, Luxor, Aswan and Cairo. 
In 2003 & 2004 he won the first place at the International Folklore festival in Istanbul as the Best male Folkloric dancer. Some of the styles he does are: Saidi, Nubian, Eskandrany & Mellaya leff, Fallahy, Bambouty & Semsemya, Shaabi, Ghawazy, Hagala, Dabka, Oriental Dance, Tanoura dance. In 2011 he moved to live in Prague (Czech Republic) where he found the new opportunities and experiences in Europe. He starts teaching and giving permanently workshops around the world, in countries like Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland, Spain, Italy, Russia,Holland, Germany, Turkey, Hungary, Greece, Belarus and others. As well he is Official member teacher at the famous Nile Group Festival in Cairo. 
“I'm so happy from the gift that God gives me - that I can make the people around me to connect with me during my performances and thought my work, and that I can send my positive energy to all of them.” 


Prince Kayammer was born and raised in Thessaloniki. His love for the Egyptian dance led him to Cairo, where he studied Oriental Dance & Egyptian Folklore alongside the big Masters of Egyptian dance completing more than 400 hours of training.

Prince Kayammer started dancing professionally in 2003. Since 2004 he worked as a teacher and choreographer in many dance schools in Greece and from 2004 to 2010 he was performing nightly in the most prestigious arabic restaurants, weddings, hotels and cazinos all over Greece. Prince Kayammer was a member of the male dance troupe Sultans of Raqs, which toured for performances and workshops in Europe from 2007 to 2009. In 2007 he also started his International career as he recieved invitations to teach, judje and perform in Dance & Culture festivals in many different countries. Prince Kayammer trained a lot of professional dancers in Greece and abroad and his choreographies has won more than 20 Golden medals in National & International Dance competions.

Prince Kayammer formed the first Oriental Dance Festival in Greece (Thessaloniki) in October 2008 including workshops from 5 International teachers, Gala show and hafla. He was also the first instructor to create a professional dance training course including theoretical issues & practical application of the Egyptian dance in Athens & Thessaloniki 2011and in Crete & Cyprus 2012. 

Well known for his great technique and strong, full of emotions dance character Prince Kayammer is one of the most sought-after performers and instructors nowadays.



Kristina Derkach is a head of bellydance school "Amal" in Kiev, Ukraine/Kiev. She is a choreographer director, dancer of superstar category, a judger and a teacher.

Kristina is the organizer and director of international festival in Kiev "Al Hayat".

She is a Bronze medalist of the Randa Kamel's Crown in Cairo 2014, Silver medalist of Nile Group Festival in Cairo 2014, The Winner of the International Festival Orient addcit 2014 in Poland, The Third winner of international bellydance festival Egipto en Barcelona 2015 with Randa Kamel and the First winner of AHWF in Korea!



Aruena is oriental bellydance instructor, performer and choreographer from Belgrade (Serbia). Her first encounter with oriental dance was in 2005, and in 2008 she founded her own oriental dance school Aruena, which is one of the largest and best known oriental dance schools in Serbia and the region. It currently numbers over 120 members and more than 1000 students have gone through it from its founding until today. Aruena bellydance school is more and more successful each year and is constantly admitting new students throughout the year, with several assistant instructors working in the school. Aruena is also the founder, choreographer and artistic director of the bellydance troupe Oriental Muses, founded not long after Aruena oriental dance school, through which many talented bellydancers obtained the opportunity to distinguish themselves. Aruena oriental dance studio have their sections also in several cities in Serbia led by students of Aruena. Pancevo, Opovo and Smederevo.

By visiting numerous bellydance festivals all around the world and attending workshops in the country as well as abroad, Aruena gained the opportunity to learn from one of the most famous teachers in Egyptian dances.

Aruena is also the organizer of numerous oriental dance evenings, concerts, gala shows, humanitarian events and bellydance workshops. Her biggest project so far is the Oriental Fairytales Festival, which began as a school concert, growing each year with new activities being added to the programme and more and more bellydancers participating. Aruena is often invited as a gladly seen guest on Serbian televisions, fairs, celebrations and concerts of other oriental dance schools and on international festivals as well.

She is one of the most famous and most influential oriental dance instructors in Serbia, and her teaching skills are well recognized by other instructors throughout the country, which is why she is often invited to hold workshops as well as private lessons to other instructors, and lately she is more and more recognized by foreign teachers and international bellydancers by the uniqueness of her dancing style, her interpretation, energy, emotionality, and her perfect performance technique.



Warda from Bulgaria is an Oriental dance performer, instructor and choreographer, as well as an organizer of events, that are connected with the Arabian art. Her alias is given by Egyptian teachers in Cairo. She falls in love with the Middle East as a child, when she goes to an Arabian class in school and starts learning the language. At the moment, Warda is an Arabic speaker and travels to different countries of the Orient every year.


The Arabian dances, music, language and culture are an indispensable part of Warda’s life. She dances with all her heart and she pays considerable attention to the meaning of the music which she selects. For her, the dance comes from the soul and it is seen on all body parts. She has unique stage presence, drama and passion, combined with Egyptian style and strong hip technique. Even the audience doesn’t know the translation of the song, it is easy to understand it, while watching Warda’s performance.

In 2016 Warda was part of Mohamed Kazafy’s dance troupe in Greece.



Boriana Dimitrova is one of the most famous performers and teachers of Oriental Dances in Bulgaria. She started training ballet at a young age and instantly fell in love with the art of dance. Through the years, her biggest passion proved to be the Oriental Dances. Over the course of her life, Boriana has performed in numerous countries around the globe and is a winner of prestigious international competitions for professional dancers. Besides dancing, she is a graduate doctor. The medical knowledge gave her a different outlook on the impact of the dance on the body, the positive effects on physical and mental health, proper nutrition and the necessary physical activity. Boriana easily grabs the attention of every crowd as soon as she sets foot on the stage. She is widely known for her elegant, graceful and impressive performances. Her magnificent signature style immediately captures the eye with a glamorous mix of grandeur, charisma and breath-taking show elements. In 2014, Boriana founded the Sarab Oriental Dance School and has taught countless students across Bulgaria and the world.