Randa Kamel is an Egyptian born star has been dancing for most of her life, she started her dance carrier with the Rada Troup, and with a deep desire for Oriental Dance, Randa gave all her time to perfect her skill and dedicated every waken moment to spread the dance around the world as a solo dancer. Traveling almost every week to a different part of the world, Randa is considered on of the most sought after instructor/performer today, as more and more students attempt to infuse their own movement with her unique interpretation. Her electrifying mix of dynamic moves, strong technique, drama and sheer passion has audience after audience enthralled, her signature dancing style is powerful, charismatic and sensual at the same time. Randa’s workshops and shows are always sold out; she has her own band that she worked with for 20 years. Master Instructor in every Egyptian style, whether it is cabaret, Baladi, Saidi, or any other style, students are sure to receive the valuable knowledge they sought.



Tito Seif started his dance career as a folkloric dancer in Egypt. Over the past 20 years with great passion for the dance, his style has developed more and more into the dance. Tito masters both the Oriental and folkloric styles of dance Tito is known for his charismatic presence and offers many sensational dance "tricks" to teach students of all levels of Oriental dance For some time Tito had his own Group in Egypt "The Tito Show" where he and his grouped performed regularly. With an extremely strong stage presence and gifted personality, Tito mesmerizes both dancers and non-dancers alike with his dance. Although Tito has been teaching for over a decade, traveling the world and sharing his knowledge.


Mohamed Kazafy has been dancing with the 
world famous Reda troupe of Egypt for 17 years. 
After initially training with the troupe's founder 
Mahmoud Reda, & The legendary principle female dancer Farida Fahmy, he went on to perform with the Reda Troupe in dozens of countriesworldwide.

He is available as a teacher and dancer in Egypt and abroad. Kazafy is now travelling all the world teaching and performing. 

He is the founder of ''Kazafy Troupe'' in Argentina, Japan, Alicante, Germany, Greece,Czech Republic, Peru, Cyprus, Italy. 


Prince Kayammer was born and raised in Thessaloniki. His love for the Egyptian dance led him to Cairo, where he studied Oriental Dance & Egyptian Folklore alongside the big Masters of Egyptian dance completing more than 400 hours of training.

Prince Kayammer started dancing professionally in 2003. Since 2004 he worked as a teacher and choreographer in many dance schools in Greece and from 2004 to 2010 he was performing nightly in the most prestigious arabic restaurants, weddings, hotels and cazinos all over Greece. Prince Kayammer was a member of the male dance troupe Sultans of Raqs, which toured for performances and workshops in Europe from 2007 to 2009. In 2007 he also started his International career as he recieved invitations to teach, judje and perform in Dance & Culture festivals in many different countries.
Prince Kayammer trained a lot of professional dancers in Greece and abroad and his choreographies has won more than 20 Golden medals in National & International Dance competions.

Prince Kayammer formed the first Oriental Dance Festival in Greece (Thessaloniki) in October 2008 including workshops from 5 International teachers, Gala show and hafla. He was also the first instructor to create a professional dance training course including theoretical issues & practical application of the Egyptian dance in Athens & Thessaloniki 2011and in Crete & Cyprus 2012. Prince Kayammer along with Elena Eleftheriou are the Organizers of ORIENTAL PASSION Festival, first and biggest annual Oriental Dance Festival in Greece with hundreds of participants from all over the world.

Well known for his great technique and strong, full of emotions dance character Prince Kayammer is one of the most sought-after performers and instructors nowadays.



Kristina Derkach is a head of bellydance school "Amal" in Kiev, Ukraine/Kiev. She is a choreographer director, dancer of superstar category, a judger and a teacher.

Kristina is the organizer and director of international festival in Kiev "Al Hayat".

She is a Bronze medalist of the Randa Kamel's Crown in Cairo 2014, Silver medalist of Nile Group Festival in Cairo 2014, The Winner of the International Festival Orient addcit 2014 in Poland, The Third winner of international bellydance festival Egipto en Barcelona 2015 with Randa Kamel and the First winner of AHWF in Korea!



Elena Iskanderova is a professional oriental, folk and show bellydancer and an europian oriental classic champion for IDO - International Dance Organization.
She has her own unique style, personal charisma and natural emotionality in the dance. She starts to do oriental dance at the age of 9.

Elena is a choreographer and instructor of one of the most powerful Oriental dance schools in Russia. Her students are champions of Europe and the World.
The school "Iskanderani" has branches throughout Russia.

In that moment Elena is a teacher of one of the biggest festivals all over the World like Ahlan wa Sahlan in Egypt, Eilat festival in Israel, Cairo Mirage in Russia and many others.



Warda from Bulgaria is an Oriental dance performer, instructor and choreographer, as well as an organizer of events, that are connected with the Arabian art. Her alias is given by Egyptian teachers in Cairo. She falls in love with the Middle East as a child, when she goes to an Arabian class in school and starts learning the language. At the moment, Warda is an Arabic speaker and travels to different countries of the Orient every year.


The Arabian dances, music, language and culture are an indispensable part of Warda’s life. She dances with all her heart and she pays considerable attention to the meaning of the music which she selects. For her, the dance comes from the soul and it is seen on all body parts. She has unique stage presence, drama and passion, combined with Egyptian style and strong hip technique. Even the audience doesn’t know the translation of the song, it is easy to understand it, while watching Warda’s performance.

In 2016 Warda was part of Mohamed Kazafy’s dance troupe in Greece.



Nadia is professional dancer and choreographer, founder and leader of the largest Resources: Dance center in Plovdiv, Bulgaria.

Creative Path of Nadia began with the Belarusian State Choreographic School at the Bolshoi Theatre of the Republic of Belarus. After 5 years of serious training in classical ballet she discovered the world of folk dances. Followed by training at the Minsk College of Arts, which Nadia finished with honors, and was invited to work in the most prestigious and well-known Academic Folk Dance Ensemble of Belarus "Haroshki". 

In 1997, Nadia was invited to participate in the formulation of six musicals for 5-star hotel in Turkey. Returning home Nadia decided to create a show-ballet, becoming a choreographer, costume designer and producer. Belly dance in her performance becomes a permanent part shows.

After 3 years of successful work in restaurants in Minsk, tour in Taiwan and Bulgaria, Nadia moved to Bulgaria for permanent residence. In parallel with the care of the family and their two children, she ends up Master's degree in "Ballet Pedagogy and direction" at the Academy of Music, Dance and Fine Arts Plovdiv. And in 2010, opens its dance center, where today he studied classical ballet, modern dance, folk dancing, street dance and belly dance more than a hundred children and adults. Continuing to improve, Nadia takes part in many international festivals oriental dance studying with leading experts in the world. As a teacher and judge she shares her skills and knowledge making workshops in the main cities in Bulgaria and abroad. In addition to the east, it continues to take lessons Contemporary, jazz dance, salsa, Bollywood and hip-hop dance. Nadia is a multiple winner of the Bulgarian dance festivals and conventions as in the category of solo and with her band. Children's groups of classical ballet and modern dance are multiple winners and winners in contests and competitions in Bulgaria, Serbia, Hungary, Romania in different categories. Nadia’s team also wins awards.

"A dancer must be improved and lifelong learning without stopping on a single style. To express emotions overwhelm us, it is necessary to possess perfectly with his body. Dance teacher is a very important and responsible profession! We teach children that movement is life! "